There is a stone in my shoe, was told to me by a friend after reading some of my stories. ‘Gritty.’ he said. ‘Like you’ve a stone in your shoe.’ It stuck. It has taken me years of writing to attain enough to even begin to think of a blog or website. Some of my work dates from pre 1998, where I seemed to be engrossed with post human earth. Yet, these then became more and more spooky.

My poetry ranges from observations of my animals, to completely made up places and people, probably, well, most likely influenced by the great Edward Lear. Yet to be like him, well, no. But that is the influence. I see it more now, when I read them back.

I have written a novel; some 90k words, and so far this has been rejected 11 times over 11 years, so maybe this is the right time? I will be putting excerpts of this on here.

I tend to be a spontaneous writer. I have to be in the correct frame of mind, and this does have it’s uses, as i can write several chapters in one go, yet, I can then go for months and not write a thing, or just bits as I think of them. I have notepads all over the house, with jottings of odd things, thoughts, conversations I have overheard, or just odd dreams sometimes.

Right now, I am in the correct frame of mind. I never know when it will happen, so I make the most of it while it is here.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Lizzie Ross

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  1. I did wonder, but you have to pay, i think and also I need a good editor to look over it all first. It’s all written, saved, backed up and printed off. I got a friend a bit a go to look through it, but she didn’t get the past/present shift at the beginning – something they portray better in film. I think it confused her. I have known people to self publish who don’t get all this done and it’s so embarrassing! If you know anything more about Indie Publishing I’m all ears!!


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